BOOK: Academy 7

AUTHOR: Anne Osterlund

GENRE: Science Fiction, Romance

“Always choose the weaker side” 

“Why would I do that?”, Doubt edged her voice. 

“Because than you have further to go to prove your case. In a debate there are two sides. If both make a good argument, then the less popular side wins because that side had further to go to prove its point.” 

Romance/Chemistry: 3.5/5
Thrill: 3/5
Humor: 2/5
Action: 3/5
Pace: 3/5
Uniqueness: 4/5



“I discovered it when I was looking for books that were worthy of a read but were undiscovered because they were not that popular. That’s how I found “Academy 7” by Anne Osterlund. I am not a big Sci-fi fan but Academy 7 turned out to be a great find for me.”


An intelligently built futuristic world with an intense and gripping climax

Set in the futuristic world, where life is not restricted to one planet only but extends to other planets as well, this is a blend of science fiction, romance and mystery.

It narrates the story of Aerin Renning, a girl with a tough past and Dane Madousin, a boy with a lot to live up to. There story seamlessly merges with the fictitious world the author has created, that you are drawn into.

It is confusing in the beginning but the mind of the reader grasps the concept soon enough, If I could sum up this book in one word, it would be: “Intelligent”.

There are a lot of dialogues in the book, conversations, thoughts of our two main characters that are worth reading and understanding.I specifically liked the parts with the debate raging in the classroom. The arguments, though fictitious, have substance and have not been written for the sake of it. You feel as if you are really witnessing a real debate with all the facts and passion fused together.

However, Aerin’s initial “response” to Dane was a bit hard to digest, though her initial behavior towards him is understandable in accordance with what she has been through.

Some may find the book a bit slow because some conversations, like the part where Dane teaches Aerin how to form an argument in a debate, are quite unrelated to the plot of the story. However, as I said, these conversations are intelligent and actually helps to understand the bond between Aerin and Dane, which slowly through these conversations blooms. The past of both the characters plays a huge role in the story’s outcome and the ending was quite explosive and a bit heart wrenching too.

I would advise the readers to read Academy 7 without any other book lined up to distract them.

“In one line, the fictitious world of Academy 7 is worth diving into.”

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BOOK: Hour Game

AUTHOR: David Baldacci

GENRE: Thriller, Mystery

Lulu touched Michelle on the arm.”Uh, can I ask you a question?” she said.

“We’ve asked you enough, so go ahead.” 

“You ever consider pole dancing?” 

“Excuse me!” said Michelle, clearly stunned. 

“It’s just that you’ve got the perfect all-American, girl-next-door, come hither thing going on. That’s pretty rare in this business. “ 

Michelle smiled tightly. “Let me put it this way: the day you see me pole dancing with only a G-string on in front of a crowd of drunken morons is the day the sky falls and kills all of us.” 

“I don’t know,” said Sean King, who’d listened intently to this exchange. “I’d tip at least twenty bucks to see that.” 


“You okay?” asked King. 

“I was just propositioned by a six-foot-tall naked woman named Heidi.” 

“I can wait out in the car if you want.” 

“Shut up!” 

“Must have been the come-hither look.” 

Romance/Chemistry: 2/5
Thrill: 3/5
Humor: 4/5
Action: 4/5
Pace: 3.5/5
Uniqueness: 3/5




Too much of everything: Characters, information and events 

When the small town of Wrights burg is rocked by gruesome murders, both ex-secret service agents, Michelle Maxwell and Sean King, now private investigators (partners) are hot on the murderer’s tail. What sets the murderer apart is how he copies famous serial killers when he commits a crime.

The light banter between Michelle and Sean are the highlight of the book. Their bickering does bring comic relief to an otherwise intense thriller. However the drawback of the book is the introduction of too many characters. From the very beginning, when Michelle and Sean take up the case, Baldacci swamps the reader with a lot of characters; there are so many people, and all under suspicion and so little information. Also it took me a bit of time to actually get into the book. I actually left it many times in the beginning.

Another thing that works against the book is how the characters of Michelle and Sean are presented. Michelle just seems fake. She is more brawn than brains. Sean is the analytical one who dissects the case with painstaking detail while Michelle just flails around in the background shooting guns. For someone who had spent “nine intense years in the Secret Service”, she doesn’t do much except shooting her mouth off, firing guns and being impulsive while Sean does all the work. Whatever she does stumble upon, it’s a mere stroke of good luck.

Michelle kind off disappoints and her character is not believable. Sean does most of the solving and he can ALSO do what Michelle can ONLY do so one wonders why there was a need for Michelle’s character?

As the book proceeds, things get more confusing as the number of murders increase, which in turn increases the number of characters and information. I was trying really hard to solve the case myself and actually had an urge to draw a Character Chart like Kate Beckett does in “Castle”.

This said, I did enjoy the book but I finished it in installments.
PS: The parts about the various famous serial killers like the Zodiac, Teet etc. were interesting but I guess Mr. Baldacci already knew that.

“In short, ‘Hour Game’ is good for a one time read and may appeal to David Baldacci fans.”

Twitter: @davidbaldacci

Hour Game ” is the second book in the King & Maxwell series. The series made its debut on television in the year 2013. The show had Jon Tenney playing Sean King and Rebecca Romijn playing Michelle Maxwell. However, the series did not even complete its first season as it was cancelled.



BOOK: New Moon

AUTHOR: Stephenie Meyer

GENRE: Paranormal Romance, Young Adult, Vampire Fiction

Romance/Chemistry: 2/5
Thrill: 2/5
Humor: 0/5
Action: 3/5
Pace: 0/5
Uniqueness: 3.5/5

COVER: new-moon-cover-book-capa-lua-nova
A faint echo of Twilight
This was a mop fest for sure. After reading Twilight, I had high expectations from “New Moon”. However, I was HUGELY disappointed. And no, it was not because Edward Cullen is missing from almost 70% of the book. This book is completely about Bella and how miserable she is after Edward and she, apparently “break-up”.

In the movie at least we had the soundtrack to keep us entertained, but here we only have Bella and her emotions, which at times seem really exaggerated. The only new thing that happens in this book is the discovery that Jacob Black, Bella’s friend, turns out to be a Werewolf. And even this twist was not a surprise because there are so many hints left all over the book indicating towards this so it was not much of a surprise.

What is really weird that almost everyone is intent on saving Bella. To be honest, with a personality like hers, even alive she wasn’t missed much and I doubt she would have been missed otherwise as well. Stephanie’s writing is touching, however what ruined this book was an overdose of emotions and predictable twists. The humour that had provided reprieve in Twilight is really missing from New Moon.

“For me, this was really the end of my fascination with vampire love.”


The book was also made into a movie which was quite a hit with the large fan base of Twilight.


BOOK: Twilight

AUTHOR: Stephenie Meyer

GENRE: Paranormal romance, young adult, vampire fiction, Fantasy

 “About three things I was absolutely positive.

First, Edward was a vampire. 

Second, there was a part of him- and I didn’t know how dominant that part might be- that thirsted for my blood. 

And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.”


Romance/Chemistry: 3/5
Thrill: 2/5
Humor: 3/5
Action: 3/5
Pace: 3/5
Uniqueness: 4/5




When vampires took the world by storm

Who could have ever thought that vampires could be more than just mindless, blood sucking beasts, and that there dead hearts could still beat for someone as human as Bella Swan.

Isabella (or Bella) Swan is the only daughter who, at the opening of the book, is moving from sunny Phoenix to the rain drenched Forks. She clearly wants nothing to do with Forks or its meagre population and she also hates the rain there. However, as the book proceeds, you realize that Bella is as morose as the atmosphere in Forks that she hates. She doesn’t have a sunny disposition.

The book is entertaining because the concept is new. We all have been growing up on the usual vampire myths where they feast on human blood and are ugly to look at (Courtesy Buffy, The Vampire Slayer) and this was a refreshing change. However, the character of Bella could have irritated some. She is just too self-absorbed and when it comes to Jacob, a bit selfish as well. She kind-off lives up to every stereotype the girls are subjected to.
Edward Cullen, the vampire heartthrob falls in love with Bella. However, their love story is a product of curiosity than feelings. Bella is attracted to Edward, just like a prey should be towards a predator so what’s so different about her?
That Edward, who has the power to read minds, can’t read hers. And that’s how the romance commences.
If it hadn’t been for James and Victoria, it would have been a really mushy diary types narrative of a girl who appears a bit stalker’ ish.
However, it is a must try.


The book was made into a movie with Robert Pattinson as the vampire heartthrob, Edward Cullen and Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan. The movie took the world by storm and garnered quite a large fan following.

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